2014 World Congress of Cardiology held in Australia

The World Congress of Cardiology is a major international conference that addresses and tackles the importance of cardiovascular health and disease on a global scale by attracting a strong and renowned international faculty of experts.

Working alongside our national members, it also focused on the cardiovascular disease problems of the region in which it is hosted, which for 2014 was the Australian continent and sub-regions of Asia.

The following scientific topics were discussed:


  • Arrhythmias / Sudden cardiac death / Electrophysiology
  • Heart Failure / Cardiac function / Myocardial – Pericardial diseases
  • Valvular disease / Aortic disease/ Pulmonary circulation
  • Ischaemia / Coronary artery disease / Coronary interventions
  • Peripheral circulation / Stroke / Non-coronary interventions
  • Hypertension
  • Epidemiology / Prevention
  • Health Promotion / Health advocacy / Global cardiovascular resources
  • Basic science
  • Cardiac imaging / Information systems
  • Paediatrics / Congenital heart disease (paediatric and adult)
  • Indigenous health / Rheumatic heart disease
  • Nursing / Allied health / CV rehabilitation

Invited lecturer: Professor Karen Sliwa

The incidence of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is increasing across the world, resulting in significant morbidity and mortality. Etiology and outcome varies between developing and developed countries.

In Africa CVD is the most common cause of maternal death in pregnant women. Pathophysiology and patient identification to provide further insight for PPCM network were topics discussed by Prof Karen Sliwa.