Dr Dike Ojii of Nigeria joins Hedu

  • April 13, 2015

Hedu is proud to announce that it has a new postdoctoral fellow from Nigeria, Dr Dike Ojii.

Shortness of breath during pregnancy can affect your health

Not being able to breathe properly during pregnancy can affect your health and that of your unborn baby.

African country representatives meet in Cape Town to discuss heart failure

Participants from several African countries: Mozambique, Cameroon, Senegal, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa met recently at the Vineyard Hotel Conference Centre to discuss heart failure.

Genome-wide gene expression analysis in black South African women who develop gestational diabetes m

To understand the impact of gestational diabetes on the foetus by investigating gene expression and DNA methylation to look for epigenetic perturbations that may lead to an unfavourable outcome in the offspring.

Pathophysiology and epidemiology of peripartum cardiomyopathy

  • August 14, 2014 | Denise Hilfiker-Kleiner and Karen Sliwa | Category: HEDUAfrica news

Cardiovascular diseases are a major cause of complications in pregnancy worldwide, and the number of patients who develop cardiac problems during pregnancy is increasing.

Lower levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in urban Africans presenting with communicabl

  • August 07, 2014 | Jasmine G Lyons,1,2 Karen Sliwa,3,4 Melinda J Carrington,1,4,5 Frederick Raal,6 Sandra Pretorius,3 Friedrich Thienemann,3,7,8 S | Category: HEDUAfrica news

An investigation into whether urban Africans displayed lower levels of atheroprotective high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDLC) when presenting with communicable versus non-communicable forms of heart disease (HD) as both acute infection and chronic inflammation reduce HDLC levels.

Opposing roles of Akt and STAT3 in the protection of the maternal heart from peripartum stress

  • July 28, 2014 | Melanie Ricke-Hoch1†, Insa Bultmann1,2† Ursula Rinas4, Karen Sliwa5, Michaela Scherr6, and Denise Hilfiker-Kleiner1* , Britta | Category: HEDUAfrica news

Postpartum Akt activation is detrimental for the peripartum heart as it lowers anti-oxidative defence and in combination with low STAT3 conditions, accelerate cardiac inflammation and fibrosis. PRL and its cleaved 16 kDa form are central for Akt-induced PPCM as indicated by the protection from the disease by PRL blockade.

HEDUAfrica visits Centre of Research Excellence in Melbourne

Members of HEDUAfrica were privileged to visit the Centre of Research Excellence in Melbourne, Australia to learn firsthand about their study focus and methods, particularly in the field of cardiovascular disease.

2014 World Congress of Cardiology held in Australia

The World Congress of Cardiology is a major international conference that addresses and tackles the importance of cardiovascular health and disease on a global scale by attracting a strong and renowned international faculty of experts.

Hypertension and hypertensive heart disease in African women

  • July 09, 2014 | Karen Sliwa, Dike Ojji, Katrin Bachelier, Michael Bohm, Albertino Damasceno, Simon Stewart | Category: HEDUAfrica news

Hypertension and hypertensive heart disease is one of the main contributors to a growing burden of non- communicable forms of cardiovascular disease around the globe.