Dr Simone Honikman

Dr Simone Honikman is a medical doctor and founder of the PMHP. Honikman has extensive experience working within the public sector in women’s health, both as a clinician and as a service manager. She founded the PMHP in response to the significant unmet need for maternal mental health within an overstretched public health care system.

Dr Vanessa Perrott

Dr Vanessa Perrott (MRCGP) is a family physician. Perrott has a special interest in doctor-patient communication, with a Masters in Linguistics. Her research focused on the challenges of doctor-patient communication in the multilingual and multi-cultural South African setting.

Lucy Gericke

Lucy Gericke is a dietician at the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA. She obtained her BSc (Med) (Hons) in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Cape Town.

Erika Ketterer

Erika Ketterer is a registered dietician and Head of the Research and Programme Development Department at the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA.

Kevashini Govender

Kevashini Govender is a University of Cape Town-trained clinical psychologist and an experienced trainer. 
Govender joined the PMHP team in October 2011. She took an interest in training as a psychology student, and developed expertise through extensive and diverse experience in the public and non-governmental sectors. Her clinical experience also includes public and private practice in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Dr Katherine Everett-Murphy

Dr Katherine Everett-Murphy is a principal research officer in the Chronic Diseases Initiative in Africa (CDIA). She has a postgraduate qualification in Health Promotion from the University of Galway in Ireland and has recently completed her thesis for a PhD in Public Health at the University of Cape Town. The current focus of her work is developing and testing interventions for lifestyle behavioral change.

Moïse Muzigaba

Moïse Muzigaba (BScDN, MPH) is the Public Health Officer at the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA. His main areas of interest include CVD, epidemiology, NCDs, research in general, CV health promotion/advocacy, as well as developing, monitoring, and evaluating public health programmes. He has published in the area of NCDs in SA – one original article and a book chapter – and is currently working on more manuscripts.

John Addey Malherbe

John Malherbe was a designer for the previous HEDUAfrica project. He completed a BEcon degree at the University of Stellenbosh, majoring in Economics and Trade Law, after which he completed a Diploma in Art Direction and Design at the Red & Yellow School of Advertising. Combining these two disciplines, his path took him from advertising to multimedia, animation and film production.

Christiaan Diedericks

Christiaan Diedericks was the lead developer of the previous HEDUAfrica platform. He was responsible for the design and implementation of the IT infrastructure, as well as the platform software development. Diedericks wrote his first medical software at the age of 12, for his local dentist. He went on to study Electronic Engineering for a brief period before discovering his other passion in life: photography.