HEDUAfrica platform testing at Groote Schuur Hospital Maternity Centre, Cape Town South Africa

The HEDUAfrica team has conducted a week long preliminary test of the HEDUZA platform at Groote Schuur Hospital Maternity Centre.

They were welcomed daily by 30 to 50 pregnant mothers in waiting. The team introduced new mothers to the platform via the use of tablet computers.

They were given a short introduction to the use and navigation of the system and then encouraged to play with and use HEDUAfrica to find answers to question they had regarding their health as well as their babies health during pregnancy.

There was an overwhelmingly positive response to HEDUAfrica. Many found HEDUAfrica informative, interactive and fun.

The HEDUAfrica team would like to thank the very friendly and efficient staff of the Groote Schuur Hospital Maternity Centre for their kind support and assistance. A special thank you to Prof. John Anthony and Dr. Catherine Elliot for their support in the HEDUAfrica project.

The waiting area before HEDUAfrica

The waiting room before HEDUAfrica

Rachel doing a user-survey after using the HEDUAfrica platform

Pregnant mother using HEDUAfrica in the waiting room

Husband and wife testing HEDUAfrica

Mother watching videos on HEDUAfrica

HEDUAfrica icons introduced on the big screen

Minor technical challenge – power, and the story of the extension cord

Rachel introduces the platform to the mothers