HEDUAfrica officially launches at Soweto’s Elias Motsoaledi and Senaoane clinics

HEDUAfrica launches in Soweto

HEDUAfrica officially launched at Soweto’s Elias Motsoaledi and Senaoane clinics on 19 and 20 March 2013.

Efforts have been made to ensure that all women are confident enough to use the touch panels and that they are provided with basic health screening such as blood pressure checks, evaluation of weight and height (BMI), body composition and tips for healthy living.

The event was hosted by Omron Healthcare, the Hatter Institute for Cardiovascular Research in Africa (Hicra), Soweto Cardiovascular Research Unit (Socru).

The HEDUAfrica (health education in Africa) website was released last year in conjunction with a Facebook page to facilitate the dissemination of health information to all, thereby consolidating a strong future coalition to ensure access to health information for those belonging to lower socio-economic groups.

HEDUAfrica programme
One of the biggest challenges facing the health care system is providing adequate access to information. In the past information was disseminated via brochures and during general check-ups.

Frequently, brochures are left behind and very little attention is paid to them because the information is not always self explanatory.

HEDUAfrica provides free health information via the internet which transforms this existing static form of information delivery into a fun and informative new experience. This is achieved by using a multi-media platform, which makes health information accessible and exciting, by using videos that address potential problems faced by pregnant women.

In the African context storytelling is a major element in conveying information, so the HEDUAfrica audio-visual system fits in comfortably with this cultural mode of communication.

Touch panels have been mounted in maternity clinic waiting areas. HEDUAfrica has installed touch panels at the Elias Motsoaledi Clinic and the Senaoane Clinic in Soweto.

The panels specifically target pregnant women from various socio-economic and educational backgrounds.

Patients watch HEDUAfrica videos

Patients at one of the clinics in Soweto

A nurse explains what HEDUAfrica is

Women collect data